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Hey there! I am Namrita Ramesh

I am a UI/UX Designer with 10+ years of experience in building customer-facing products.

Growing up, when people asked me what I wanted to do in my life, I would say, "I want to create something that makes people happy."

I was always attracted to anything that let my creative juices flow. I have dabbled in painting in different mediums, sketching, and storytelling.

In the past, I have worked as a front-end developer. The experience of developing feasible solutions for customer products has helped me hone my skills in communication, empathizing with people, collaborating with different teams, and paying attention to details.

I aspire to use creative problem-solving and a human-centered design approach to create efficient, accessible, and functional digital experiences that are accessible and inclusive for everyone to benefit.

I love watching movies, doodling, travelling, trying out new recipes, learning new languages, and of course, not forgetting to mention the universal language, Music.

Thanks for taking out your precious time to view my portfolio.